Real Estate Syndication Secrets How to Make Extraordinary Profits in Todays Market

Real Estate Syndication Secrets   How to Make Extraordinary Profits in Todays Market

While many of todays real estate investors suffer from this huge global economic meltdown that causes unemployment to rise to at least 10 percent before the fall, banks exclusions will shrink and prices in most real estate markets fall more than half from their peak. My students do 6 and 7 Numbers of real estate investment syndication.

For example

My client, Jay Redding syndicated his first commercial real estate property in Indiana that earns his investment business immediately 250,000.00 cash and fair profit.

My client, Certified Financial Planner, Michelle Agar syndicated her first group of 5 investment properties in Edmonton, Alberta, earning her 269,000.00 in profit.

Want to know how to make extraordinary profits in todays real estate Perfect Storm, and how can you do the same?

6 Elements A property investment business needs to make extraordinary gains with less than a part time effort

Profit 1 Vision and Planning

You must understand that your investing business should be treated as you would for your own baby at the outset and it should be cared for as such. I do not think any parent in his right mind with a newborn child says, Ill go away from this baby and let it go without help and check it for a few weeks or months. Then Ill see if its getting changed diapers, grow strong and work with positive values ​​and ideals.

If they did, their children would die. Nevertheless, I see an investor after another who does the same with their businesses and then they wonder What went wrong in the world. They failed to plan. They failed to create a vision. They failed to conduct proven business systems. Anf finally fails to focus their efforts on starting and renewing their business so that their investment business will be ready for more independence in the future.

Profit 2 Specialized Knowledge

As an investor, you need to know how to find, fund, hold and browse offers. You need to know negotiation strategies, NLP tricks, what works now technology, real estate deals and how to adapt to opportunities across more than one marketplace, using more than one investment strategy. And if you do not have these specialized knowledge and skills, you need to find one or more partners that have the resources, skills and knowledge to help you close more deals. It is about real estate investment syndication. It is the ultimate joint venture investment.

Profit 3 Applied Strategies

There are very specific strategies that you need to know to

Set up an organization that generates big profits on its very first transaction

Set yourself as a syndication expert so that more people want to work with you

Create and generate profit 8 to 12 different ways on each store

Handle the legal efforts

Find the perfect syndication partners

Take advantage of your knowledge to massive wealth

Profit 4 Mentorship and Adviser

My real estate investment syndication business generated over 3.2 million in equity and cash gains within its first 93 days. In 26 months, we had transferred over 14 million of real estate across 5 markets in North America.

I pay a lot of my success to Research in Motion CEO Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie. Working under two of the worlds most outstanding self made technology billionaire face to face for four years has really helped me to iron out my business and approach quickly. Remember, behind every successful entrepreneur is a mentor who has helped him or her in the direction they want to go.

Profit 5 Strategic Partners

When you become a real estate syndicate partner and partner with other investors who have the money to invest in the market you

Build a formidable reputation

Make more offers by utilizing this concept

Create a fortune for yourself without spending your own money

Become an important player on the market without risking any of your equity

In other words, when you convert your real estate investment business into a syndicate, you create a win win win for all involved.

Winning Item 6 Systems and Processes

Once youve launched your real estate investment syndication business and put the right systems and processes into place, you can work part time from your laptop and Blackberry. Robert Beagle completed his own real estate syndicator, with just 10 hours of effort, finishing his first real estate business and earning over 61,000 in profits on a property he had never seen

When you complete more transactions and learn how to master systems and processes, you can do your business on autopilot and complete even more offers in less time.

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